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Saturday Morning Status #1

Please join! It will help!

Origami Mayhem

Yaaaa! It’s here at last! SATURDAY MORNING STATUS!

So here is what you do:

  • comment and talk to people
  • reply to the topic of the week
  • almost anything you like!!!

But, there is a few things you need to know about:

  • no spaming
  • no swearing
  • no plagiarizing
  • And. Be. NICE!

Thanks. :mrgreen:

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: what’s your favourite pop/soda

REMINDER: S.M.S. will be from 6:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific time and maybe a little bit more for those who are in other time settings and don’t worry if you missed it this week, we are doing this every week so come again next week, ok?

Have fun! I’ll be commenting too so if you want to ask a question to me about something, I will try to reply A.S.A.P. ok?


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The voice, Chaptish one.

Strange voice: There has been an awaking, have you felt it?

Me: Um, No.

Strange voice: Oh, uhhhhh, well, Are you sure?

Me: Pretty sure.

Strange voice: Oh. This is rather embarrassing.

Me: I would think so.

Strange voice: Hmmm. This has never happened before, Somebody must have taken my power!

*music plays*

Me: What if I were to help you reclaim it?

Strange voice: The only way for you to do that, is for me to zap you into the star wars universe.

Me: Now your getting it…

Strange voice: But you don’t even have any powers

Me: You don’t know that.

Strange voice: Do you?

Me: No.

Strange voice: *sigh*

Me: That was weird.

Strange voice: What?

Me: Your sigh.

Strange voice: *sigh*

Me: Lol.

Strange voice: Stop laughing.

Me:  Lol.

Strange voice: How is it funny?

Me: Never mind(Lol).

Strange voice: I heard that.

Me: What? How?

Strange voice: I didn’t. I just guessed you would do it.

Me: Oh.

Strange voice. This has gone so off track.

Me: Yes, It has.

*awkward silence*

Me: Are you going to zap me?

Strange voice: *silence*

Me: You here?

Strange voice: *silence*

Me: hello?

Strange voice: Boo


Strange voice: Lol.

Me: Geez

Strange voice: I don’t know your name…

Me: Its John.

Strange voice. ok.


Me: Wow, you really did Zap me. What planet are we on?

Strange voice: Some place.

Me: Whats your name?

Strange voice: Snoke

Me: Lol. What kind of a name is that?

Snoke: Shut up.

Me: I mean, I would run away with a name like that.

Snoke: Maybe I did.

Me: Really?

Snoke: No.

Me: oh.

Thats all for now, be sure to check back for new chapish’s!

Why I haven’t been posting…

You might have been wondering, what happened to John? He never posts anymore! Well, I guess Ive just been really busy with school, and CAP. CAP Stands for Civil Air Patrol. Its where you FLY AIRPLANES, And FLY GLIDERS, And Do PE, And GO TO AIRSHOWS, and LEARN RESPECT, And EARN RANKS, And OTHER AWESOME STUFF! Its super fun, and super cheap. So Search up civil air patrol online and find a place to go.  Plus, If I get more then 2 of you guys to join, I get my cadet recruiters ribbon.

(P.S. You must be 12.)