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Woo! So pumped!

I can’t wait for august!! That when my family rented out this HUGE beach house. and I mean HUGE. Almost my whole family will be there! My cousins, My aunts and uncles, Gramps and Grammy, My dads cousin, Oh ITS WILL BE SO AWESOME! The house has EVERYTHING! A pool in the back, A hot tub, A mini theater, A game room with pool, that soccer game, and much more! I will try to post pictures.

Tell be about your vacation in the comments!!



Hey! Guess who is here. OY30!! Thanks John for inviting me to Fireblaster Folders. I am going to say who I exactly am.
*I am the mexican SF (maybe most of you knew that :P)
*I like folding and drawing
*Some Murky’s words I use are translated to the spanish. Some examples are: Stooky>Estuqui or Plastic dinosaurs!>¡Dinosaurios plástico!

I might post like 3 days a month here. You can visit my main blog here were I usually make daily posts. Be sure to comment below! I would like to say hello to the followers of this blog!


LOL!! You guys fall for it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Literally, Check out all the post about leaving I post that you fell for. Like, 3 others. Im not leaving, If your wondering. So Brace, No need to shut down the rebellion, Badatgaming, Im still with the wordpressers. But you have to admit, I had you guys fooled, GOOD. Here are some moments…

XD I had more, But lost them. But you have to admit, captain, That  was right up there with miles’s Pranks. Place a comment if you want. Peace y’all! (oh, and brace, I just removed you to make my prank more deceiving. I will re add you.)