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first origami piece in FOREVER! this is my latest origami yoda design(one piece). Its can be made very simply, or you can make the deluxe (shown below). whats cool and weird is that its the only yoda with arms/hands beside the kawahata yoda.(correct me if Im wrong) spent a while on decoration, but the camera still messed the robe color. May post instrux. Also, It is made with the NW base. Kinda similar sfsonic12012’s yoda. Hope you enjoy!!




Gross gross gross! When I took out a tooth this morn, (yes, I STILL had a tooth) Part of my gum came off wit it. so now I have a flab of gross red stuff hanging out of my mouth. (well, Not exactly, “hanging out”) And Its just, yuuhack!

Thanks Guys!

The amount of requests i got was awesome! I will post some pictures (hopefully) tonight! And if you missed this oppirtunity, do not worry, you will have another chance next week!

I will also do instrux on EZ Ultron. He looks great! Bonus points to people who figure it out before i post instrux!

-Brace :]