A week, until…Ultimate Doctors

I have ordered some origami paper!! It will have skin like paper that I will use for doctors! Whoopee!


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Seamless resolve

If your a person like me…which you probably aren’t  

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World’s smallest Plo koon???

It was so small I couldn’t get good decorating :lol:

Next to my finger

Next to my finger

On my finger

On my finger

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This is what I enter in your contest blog4brandoboy!




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Fishgoth Yoda!

Chippy gave me the idea, Turned out really good for a first try! Photo soon…

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Decorated gammorean

Cool huh? The design is by Tom.

The horns and teeth are yellow, not gold.


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Enter this Y’all!

Originally posted on Brandoboy's Blog:

Hello fellow bloggers! Brandoboy here with a totally awesome, spectacularly fantastic idea (*wink*)!!!!!! I am going to make a contest! Now you might be thinking, that is completely BONKERS! THAT’S OFF THE WALL CRAZY, or WIERD… but, it is going to be AWESOME! I want y’all to REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE! All you have to do is make a pic of any Minecraft or Origami creation! Then make a post on your blog showing your pic! Then make sure one of the tags on your post is Awesomecon1 just copy it and paste that into your tags section! The contest will end October 29! That is in 15 days!!!

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